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Born and raised in Uzbekistan and traveled throughout the Central Asia region from the age of 2 with his parents and family, Abdulaziz has superb connections in all the 5 stans which are   Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. He passionately creates one-of-a-kind tour experiences for the multigenerational families, young people and luxury guests based on his firsthand knowledge of the region. His carefully chosen accommodations range from the region’s few true luxury hotels to hidden-gem boutique hotels and guesthouses serving home-cooked meals with produce from their garden.

Abdulaziz has been traveling widely in Central Asia region, graduated the school with the golden medal, was awarded the scholarship by the state leader of Uzbekistan for his great academic achievements and for promoting Uzbekistan cultures among foreign guests. He has been named as a Conde Nast Top travel specialist for Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan family and multigenerational trips for 2021. Abdulaziz has also founded his ASAR youth Travel channel where along with young Uzbekistan travelers he introduces Uzbekistan  and its fascinating cities  to the world.