Sonya Abrahamyan

sonya abrahamyanMs. Sonya Abrahamyan  ia a highly talented and one of  our  most knowledgeable  Tour Guides in Armenia. She speaks English, Armenian, Russian and Russian. Sonya Abrahamyan was born and grew up in traditional Armenian family. She had a great passion to sharing the cultures, traditions of her homeland with others. After graduating from University with the degrees in languages and after taking the courses of license of tour guide she started working as tour guide  and manager for travelers coming from around the globe.  She loved photography, crafting, walking and traveling.  If you need  a good restaurant with authentic cuisine, a special bottle of wine or off the beaten path – Sonya is your person to arrange it all.




Our 10 Year Anniversary - Once-in-a-Life-Time Adventures

For our celebration we want to make 2018 a very special year for our travelers, so we have planned a series of extraordinary events and anniversary tours to recognize and celebrate our ten year anniversary.

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