New Regulations in Central Asia and Caucasus travel for Covid-19

beenherefor3000yearsWe are all still dreaming about traveling again... The good news is that Central Asia and Caucasus governments have created policies to take care of your health when countries open their borders to international visitors again... Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Armenia are welcoming visitors now from selected countries with negative PCR tests (within 72 hours of departure). Travelers will be re-tested on arrival and provided with testing documents for return to their home country. Our colleagues and guides keep up-to-date with information on local health clinics, available testing procedures and health care providers.

Combined with intel from our team on the ground there, we are pleased to work closely with Central Asia and Caucasus governments and colleagues implementing enhanced sanitation procedures at airports, hotels, railway and restaurants in the new travel era. Tour guides, museums, historical sites and accommodations have adopted strict protocols. We're preparing special travel safety kits ( which include supplies of masks and personal hand sanitizers)for our clients on arrival. The safety and well-being of our travelers and team are our first priority. Advance preparation and up-to the minute monitoring of changing government travel restrictions will make for smooth global travel going forward. Follow all official instructions and abide by national health and safety measures. We will continuously reconfirm all travel arrangements and ensure contingency plans. 

I was fortunate to visit my family in Uzbekistan in November, 2020 and took the opportunity to review many of our itinerary destinations with the team. I was impressed with the measures taken to ensure visitor safety at hotels and visitor sites, and our Silk Road Treasure Tours teams comply with international measures and deploy their own protocols to combat and prevent the spread of Covid -19. Directives for thermal screening, cleaning and disinfection, distancing regulations, natural ventilation and accessible alcohol hand sanitizers are in place. Clearly posted information in a variety of languages greet us. Worldwide hotel groups have instituted similar policies for guests' well-being, which you can find posted on their websites. You'll find updated reservation policies, and digital check-ins. Our Silk Road Destinations have plenty of lesser-known natural attraction, allowing for as much social distancing as you want. 

Central Asia and Caucasus governments and tour companies have protocols for tour guides and clients, including numbers of passengers in vehicles, the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), procedures for restaurants and tourist sites everywhere. PPE supplies will be made available for our clients. We will be closely monitoring all staff training, and all sites and facilities on our itineraries.  In a region known for its food and hospitality, we  can’t wait for visitors again! With fabulous seasonal weather throughout the region, al fresco dining will be the norm. Our small group and private tours policies work in your favor here! Our attention to sustainability allows us to support small luxury and boutique hotels, local restaurants, and artisans.

Meanwhile, your trusted experts at Silk Road Treasure Tours will keep looking for ways to give you your best travel experience... ever!  #centralasiatravel #caucasustravel 

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