Our new Uzbekistan Family Tour


We are excited to announce our new Uzbekistan Family Tour! Thank you, Tim Baker for the great photos! 

10-Day Silk Road Discovery Offers Myriad Experiences

A desert camel ride under the stars in the Kyzil Kum desert, a night in a Nomadic yurt, dining with a local family and participating in community events and ceremonies... just some of the activities featured on your private, 10-day  Uzbekistan Silk Road Discovery Family Tour  from Silk Road Treasure Tours.  Designed as a family adventure, the immersive tour provides opportunities to visit ancient sites, participate in community work, watch master crafts people at work, cook with a local family and learn firsthand about this ancient Central Asian country on the fabled Silk Road.

The Uzbekistan tour begins and ends in Tashkent, with a night in a Yurt camp located in the Kyzil Kum desert, a night in legendary Khiva, a UNESCO World Heritage site, 2 nights in Bukhara, and 3 nights in Samarkand.  Price for the private family tour is $3,446 per person, double occupancy.  Included are accommodations in 4-star and boutique hotels, all domestic transportation including air, ground, and high-speed rail; transfers, English-speaking guides throughout, activities and entrance fees, wine tasting and visa invitation.  Also included are cooking classes, master classes with craftsmen, daily breakfast, 2 lunches with local families and special dinners.

Especially For Kids

Throughout Uzbekistan, the tour provides opportunities to interact with local residents and participate in cultural activities.   A special treat for kids is meeting our Silk Road Treasure Tours’  “Young Guides - Our Ambassadors” who have learned excellent English and are learning to share their local culture and history with same-age visitors.  Kids also participate in cooking classes with local families, visit schools, explore ancient ruins, hike to scenic outlooks, learn to play the Doira (a local drum), enjoy sports together, and experience traditional Uzbek hospitality.

Tashkent to the Kyzil Kum Desert: The Ancient and Modern

In Tashkent, families explore the ancient city with its 2,000-year old Chor-Su Bazaar, a large marketplace selling all types of food, visit the Abdul Kasim craft center, and ride the city’s modern metro with its stations styled after those in Russia and the children's section of the Museum of History.  Next stop is Ayaz Kala, in the Kyzil Kum desert, where family members experience ancient Uzbek life, ride a camel, dine and dream under the stars overnight at a nomadic Yurt camp.  Following a sunrise photography hike,  a drive leads to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Khiva, containing some of Uzbekistan’s best-preserved architecture, including the Tash Hauli Palace, caravansarai bazaar, and tiled minarets surrounded by high adobe walls.

Bukhara to Samarkand

Bukhara, once the intellectual center of the Islamic world, provides family members with an opportunity to see the largest Koranic school in Central Asia, visit the Labi Khaus reflecting pool, the traditional heart of the city,  as well as visit the Kalyan Minaret.  Legend has it that because of its beauty, the minaret was the only structure untouched by Genghis Khan when he invaded the area.  Family members see the city’s local caravanserais (ancient Silk Road inns), visit the National Costume exhibit where they can try on traditional dress, explore covered bazaars, and participate in cooking a meal and dining together with a local family.

From Bukhara, family members travel to legendary Samarkand via high-speed train, where they explore the ancient core of the city including Registan Square, a worldwide pilgrimage destination and landmark, the tomb of the Prophet Daniel, and then Shahi Zinda; a series of 11 mausoleums lining a medieval street showcasing some of the finest Islamic decorative tilework.  Other activities include a stop at one of the country’s oldest wineries and a paper mill which still produces traditional mulberry paper A full-day drive excursion leads to Shakhrisabz, for an exploration of ancient ruins and an optional mountain hike.  Uzbekistan Silk Road Discovery Family Tour