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Travel with Silk Road Treasure Tours

Travel in luxury and style

Opulence, decadence, and a holiday filled with all the extravagance you can imagine await you on our Silk Road Luxury Tours.
For the discerning traveler, the height of Silk Road splendor can be found in the beauty and culture throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asia, the Caucasus, China, and Turkey. Travel with us in the lap of luxury.

"Top Travel Specialist 2012-2022"
-Condé Nast


Our Silk Road Luxury Tours are among the top performers in the travel market! Founder and 6 times named "Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist for Central Asia" Zulya Rajabova has assembled a world-wide network of associates, guides and travel industry connections who all make the impossible possible with special access and personalized itineraries in must-see destinations.

"Trusted Travel Expert for Uzbekistan since 2014 by Wendy Perrin"


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Travel with Silk Road Treasure Tours

If you can think it, we can do it. Our extensive network of contacts and insider knowledge means that whatever your interests or dreams, we can help make it a reality.

Silk Road Treasure Tours is a top performer in the travel market with skilled international staff brought together by founder and "Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist for Central Asia" Zulya Rajabova. Zulya has assembled a world-wide network of associates, guides and travel industry experts who make the impossible possible. We've got magnificent UNESCO World Heritage sites and legendary cities, remote Silk Road villages and bustling bazaars, wind-swept steppes, breathtaking mountains, crystal clear lakes, and destinations along roads less traveled. The philosophy behind Silk Road Treasure Tours is, quite simply, to offer the best cultural journeys possible. We are committed to providing you with a travel experience that is authentic, exciting, enriching, safe, and enjoyable wherever you go.

The allure of the Silk Road is waiting for you. Start planning the trip of your dreams today

Featured Tours

Our Featured Tours are selected to give you suggested tours to special places
ideal for specialist and leisure travelers.

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Uzbekistan holds some of the most beautiful unspoiled landscapes in the world! It's a land of desert, mountain and steppe, of valleys, rivers and lakes just waiting for the intrepid...

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The Jewels of 3 Central Asia "Stans"

Duration 15 Days, From $6, 150 p/p The Jewels of 3 Central Asia

This immersive Central Asia journey takes you to some of the major landmarks of ancient civilization here and welcomes you with the warm hospitality of  the region. It starts in...

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Discover the Hidden Riches of the Caucasus

Duration 13 Days, From $6,379 p/p Discover the Hidden Riches of the Caucasus

The Caucasus countries of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan hold unique enchantments for travelers to discover. Thousands of years of history beckon from this bridge between Europe and Asia, nestled between...

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Your satisfaction is our priority

At Silk Road Treasure Tours our promise to you is attention to detail and the offer of the best of everything. Our group tours or exclusive itineraries will satisfy even the most inquisitive traveler!

Silk Road Treasure Tours is a US based company and has an international network of skilled, trusted connections within the travel and hospitality profession. All of our on-site tour guides are Central Asia specialists. Their in-depth knowledge is local and regional, and many have backgrounds in history, archaeology and art, and have built insider relationships with area hospitality providers.

Zulya Rajabova has the heart and soul of an artist. Her passion is to create fabulous, awe-inspiring memories for each of her clients on their journeys. Zulya founded Silk Road Treasure Tours to invite travelers to discover her special part of the world, Central Asia. A native of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Zulya has been fascinated with the intriguing history, incredible culture and outstanding natural wonders of the Great Silk Road region – and beyond.

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