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Our Educational Tours

We live in a rapidly globalizing world and it is critical that we appreciate and gain greater insight into the diversity of cultures that surround us. At Silk Road Treasure Tours we understand the academic challenges to provide learning which is experiential, immersive, and integrative. First-hand experiences support a practical approach to curriculum and create an expanded knowledge base for students, professional academics, and life-long learners. President and Founder Zulya Rajabova's experience as an educator and travel specialist, and her insider knowledge of the region enables her to craft extraordinary, personalized itineraries which meet the interests, needs, and budgets of a wide range of travelers.

  • Explore the legendary cities of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Penjikent, Osh, and Merv where the ancient Sogdian and Achaemanid dynasties, conquerors like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, and Muslim Emirs like Tamerlane once held sway.
  • Examine ancient petro glyphs of Cholpan-Ata where stunning views of the mountains are juxtaposed against beachfront Russian-style tourist attractions on LakeIssyk-Kul.
  • Appreciate Islamic architectural gems of soaring minarets, glittering turquoise tile, and sun-baked adobe walls along majestic squares and twisting medieval streets.
  • Visit the sacred shrines of Sufi masters and Zoroastrian priests, ornate Muslim mausoleums and medressehs.
  • Study purpose-built Soviet cities and vibrant capitals of modern planning or stay in traditional nomadic herding yurts.
  • Satisfy your curiosity with museums dedicated to every art and craft of Central Asia and in the open workshops and ateliers of artists and craftsmen. Watch geometric patterns appear on crimson patterned carpets or the kaleidoscope of brilliant Ikat on silk and take your turn at the loom.
  • Enjoy folkloric performances and music festivals and meet the performers and musicians.
  • Engage with naturalists at wildlife refuges and study ambitious environmental projects in places like the Tien ShanMountains and the Aral Sea. Meet falconers in KyrgyzstanPrzewalski’s horse at the Djeyran nature reserve, a true oasis in the Kyzyl-KumdesertUzbekistan.
  • Get lost in the bustling life of ancient bazaars and oasis towns of the Silk Road, the lifeblood of the desert caravanserai. Take in the heady scent of spices and learn to make fresh bread from tandur ovens.
  • Be welcomed at the table of a local family or be honored guests at a wedding in a land where hospitality is ranked above honor.