Edu.Silk Road Treasure

Educational Tours to Central Asia

About Our Tours

The countries of the Silk Road and its surrounding regions are the new destinations for educational tourism. These routes which connected the cultures of the East and West allowed ancient civilizations to travel, trade, invade, and flourish throughout millennia. We are fascinated by the stories and legends of the Silk Road, the lure of exotic places and the discovery of hidden cultural treasures so long cut off from the west and now welcoming visitors once again. The new post-Soviet era has historians, politicians, and economists around the world following events in the region. Central Asia is a land of thousands of years of history and unparalleled natural beauty. Our educational tours offer participants an opportunity to experience a breadth of civilization, depth of culture, and diversity of landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. Our in-country network of personal connections allows us to organize unique experiences with local experts:

  • A personal tour planner to customize your trip with you
  • Pre-trip orientation, including detailed itineraries, what to expect, language and cultural preparation materials for participants.
  • Representative for student/parent meetings either in person or via video conferencing
  • Detailed recommended packing lists for participants, leaders and chaperones
  • Expert, certified local guides and drivers, insured motor vehicles
  • Visa and Transit support
  • 24-hour emergency communication
  • All meals, admissions, and gratuities, snacks and drinks on longer transfers (please note that we will do our best to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities, but this may not always be possible in some locations)
  • Quality accommodations
  • Airfare, train fare, transfers, and deluxe motor coach transportation
  • Airport arrival and departure assistance
  • Online registration and payment plans
  • Exciting activities and educational opportunities
  • A commitment to encouraging responsible tourism with our providers

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