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Luxury Culinary tour to Uzbekistan

Chustiy-cr-silk-road-treasure-toursChester, NJ, November 24, 2014  – Silk Road Treasure Tours, specialists in travel to Central Asia has just announced the launch of our luxury culinary tours and tastings in Legendary Uzbekistan. What better souvenir to bring home than the recipes and skills to re-create a treasured dining experience from your time in this land of hospitality?

Uzbekistan has stood for centuries at the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, and its cuisine is bountiful reflection of the influence of travelers and traders from all parts of the world. Uzbek hospitality is a living tradition and the bonds created over meals shared with guests become lasting friendships. This luxury culinary and tasting tour will make each meal an adventure, as you learn to source and cook some of the country’s most delightful dishes by both renowned chefs and traditional family cooks. Centuries old recipes include bread fresh from the tandur clay oven, plov; a heady mix of rice, meat, and spices usually cooked by the men, samsa; rich pastry pockets filled with herbs, lamb and even pumpkin, and savory Shashlik kebabs. Fresh fruit and vegetables abound, and for your sweet tooth, there is holvaytar; a creamy, nutty version of halvah.

Tashkent is the cultural and economic center of Uzbekistan where we'll begin our explorations. In the Old City the Hast Imam Complex, the spice markets of the 3.000 year old Chorsu Bazaar, and Independence Square are fascinating introductions to the history and culture. The highlight is our first master class at one of Tashkent’s best known traditional restaurants where expert chefs show you how to source ingredients from the market and prepare classic Uzbek dishes.

Next stop: the legendary Samarkand, home of the to-die-for halva. When there is an engagement, parents of the groom bring halva to the bride’s family to ensure that their children’s married lives will be sweet! Majestic Registan Square is the heart and soul of Samarkand, and the surrounding buildings with their glittering mosaic tiles and minarets soar into the sky. The colorful Siab Bazaar provides spices from all points of the Silk Road, and a visit to one of the oldest wineries in the country and an evening cultural performance completes the picture

bukhara karavan restaurantFrom the bustling riches of Samarkand, the trip takes you to the quiet of the Malikchul desert for a stop by the Zerafshan River on the way to Bukhara. Enjoy lunch at the home and atelier of one of the nation’s most important ceramists. The oasis city of Bukhara is a medieval wonder with much of the original city intact and families who have lived here for generations. The Labi Khaus Complex was built around a shaded pool. It’s the place to experience tea in Uzbekistan, reclining on a comfortable couch in an old Chaykhana tea house, admiring the pond and listening to traditional stories about the humorist Khodga Nasridden. His statue is nearby, he is the fellow riding backwards on the donkey! The Uzbek tea ceremony is a formal and graceful ritual, poured three times from the pot into a ceramic cup allowing the full flavor and aroma of the tea to develop. While green tea is the standard, there is a wide variety of black and herbal varieties. Try the chai kymoki ; green tea with milk and butter sprinkled with almonds.

ShishkababAs everywhere, the family comes together at the dining table. Get to the heart of the Uzbek culture by breaking bread with a local family after exploring the ancient Fortress of Bukhara. A traditional tandur oven creates soft, fluffy, heavenly flat bread and the local Green Market supplies fresh, local ingredients.

The journey to the walled city of Khiva will take you through the Kizylkum (red sands) desert, stopping at a yurt encampment, picnicking at a local tea house, and stopping for photos at the Amu Darya, the largest river in Central Asia. This city is living history and there are unique fortifications, as well as the remains of harems and caravansaries to explore. In Khiva the sun glows pink on the ancient adobe walls, and the celebrity chefs here will help us create the menu for dinner by moonlight.

Back in Tashkent the journey comes full circle at a fabulous meal with Chef Bahriddin Chiusty. Tuck your recipes in with the gifts for your loved ones, memories to share from your trip of a lifetime!

The 10-day tour costs 5,320 dollars for 4-10 people and includesVisa support, local air tickets, ground transport, a guide, hotel accommodation on a twin sharing basis and all meals excluding lunch as well as entrance fees to museums and monuments. Click for More Information