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Luxury Travel with Silkroad Treasure Tours

For the discerning traveler, the height of Silk Road splendor can be found traversing the beauty and culture of Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Caucasus, China and Turkey in the lap of luxury on one of our many Luxury Tours.

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Treasures of 5 Central Asia "Stans"

Follow in the footsteps of MARCO POLO! Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan... These are the places we long to explore, where the heartbeat of ancient civilization provides the backdrop for newly independent nations.

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Uzbekistan Cultural Discovery Tour

Welcome to Uzbekistan - the crossroads of civilization and the heart of Central Asia. Experience 3000 years of history, from the earliest settlements through the time of Alexander the Great and Tamerlane. Admire the remains of countless palaces, fortresses...

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The Jewels of 3 Central Asia Stans

Central Asia has always been a cultural and intellectual crossroads. For millennia it has beckoned travelers, traders, conquerors and scholars with its treasures. Bordered by the vast Russian steppe to the North, the fairytale beauty of the Caspian Sea to the West...

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Hidden Riches of the Caucases

The Caucasus countries of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan each hold unique enchantments for travelers to discover. Often considered the bridge between Europe and Asia, these lands are nestled between Russia, Turkey, and the Black and Caspian Seas...

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Legendary Central Asia Travel

For over 3000 years Central Asia has been a cultural and intellectual crossroads, luring travelers, traders, scholars and conquerors . Bordered by the vast Russian steppe to the north, the fairytale beauty of the Caspian Sea...

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The Silk Road

Just the words Silk Road conjure images of romantic oases, dusty caravans, and the mystery of far-away places. It was not just a single thoroughfare, but an intricate network of trade routes that spread across Central Asia passing through those oasis villages and stretching from the farthest reaches of China into Southern Europe.

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Central Asia

Central Asia has always been a cultural and intellectual crossroads. For millennia it has beckoning travelers, traders, conquerors and scholars with its treasures. Bordered by the vast Russian steppe to the North, the fairytale beauty of the Caspian Sea to the West, the Afghan mountains and wilderness to the South and the ancient Oriental splendors of China to the East.

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Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, with a welcome just as wide. At over a million square miles, this country has it all! Mountains and glaciers, vast steppes and desert and over a hundred and twenty nationalities! Stunning landscapes and ancient architecture conjure images of nomads and warriors, falconry and poetry...

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Welcome to Uzbekistan - the crossroads of civilization and the heart of Central Asia. The center of ancient caravan routes, its 2500 years of history are yours to explore. Set between the Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya rivers where "hospitality is ranked higher than courage" we will welcome you as part of our extended mahallya – our community family.

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Khosh Geldiniz! – Welcome Turkmenistan. The landscape of Turkmenistan unfolds like a fabled Turkmen carpet...the Caspian Sea forms the western edge while mountain ranges fringe the southern borders and parts east. It is surfaced by one of the largest expanses of sand in the world: the Karakum (black sand) desert.

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Xush Omaded! – Welcome. Beautiful and remote, ranging from the Fann Mountains in the west to the rocky heights of the Pamirs in the eastern region Tajikistan boasts some of the last unexplored regions of the world, and some of the oldest historical sites. It is the smallest country of Central Asia...

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The grand, rugged Kyrgyz Republic is an adventurer's dream! Over eighty per cent mountainous, it boasts some of the highest altitudes and the second largest mountain lake in the world. On one border lies China and the eastern realms of the Silk Road On the other sides it is surrounded by its sister countries of Kazakhstan...

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The Caucases

Hidden amidst the Caucasus Mountains, discover three ancient cultures emerging in newfound glory after Soviet rule. Azerbaijan in the West borders the great Caspian Sea, and features unforgettable Islamic and Zoroastrian architecture. In the East Georgia lies next to the Black Sea, between mountains and forests. To the South is Armenia...

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WELCOME TO ARMENIA-The Cradle of Civilization Armenia is an ancient and beautiful country, modernizing and blossoming after being under Soviet rule. Early civilizations flourished in the area from as early as 1500 B.C. The kingdom of Armenia was established about 600 B.C., and it was the first state to...

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Fascinating Azerbaijan tours. This land sizzles with oil; burning on mountain tops and in homes for centuries, in Zoroastrian fire dances and the eternal Temple of Fire, and attracting political and economic conquerors and investors. Fanned by the winds off the Caspian Sea these flames have lighted the way for travelers..

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Georgia is a country of mountain and sea, with the north Caucasus Mountains along its northern border with Russia and the Black Sea to the west. Its close proximity to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe has made it a cultural crossroads throughout history the Silk Road brought travelers and merchants from the East and West...

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Hoşgeldini! - Welcome to Turkey! The Republic of Turkey is surrounded on three sides by the sea, where the sun dances off the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and welcoming smiles abound. Turkey is a delight to the senses; delicate tea cups whisked through the streets and trays of simits held aloft...

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The Great Wall of China; over four thousand miles long and twenty-five hundred years old - a fitting symbol for the wondrous nation of China. This country of over a billion people has been a leading civilization throughout the world's history. It has lured traders, travelers, conquerors and the curious...

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Mongolia is the land of endless sky, of vast horizons of steppe and desert bordered by remote, pristine mountain ranges. Famous for its scenery, Mongolia is a dream for the outdoor adventurer and a warm, welcoming destination for all travelers. The land of Genghis and Kublai Khan, the Mongolian Empire extended as far as east as Korea...

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Dobro pojalovat! Welcome to Russia! Russian's people and cultures are as varied as its terrain, its cuisine as tempting and historical treasures as exciting. No matter how you explore Russia, it never fails to surprise. Let our experts at Silk Road Treasure Tours make your adventure unforgettable.

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